Volunteering Snapshots – August to November 2022

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With the situation in Sri Lanka being almost back to normal – both in terms of COVID and the political unrest, Bloom and its volunteers have been working hard to have our NIMH Sessions more regularly. With more volunteers signing up, we’ve had a whole lot of fun being at the Adolescent Unit at the NIMH again, carrying out our usual fun-packed sessions . From origami, to finger paintings and clay-based handiwork, there was much enthusiasm among the adolescents and our volunteers had so much fun! We’re excited to share some snapshots of these amazing creations.

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Mug making and using clay is a sensory experience that many adolescents enjoy.
Arts and Crafts: from origami to card-making and painting.
Adolescents at the NIMH have access to an outdoor garden. Here, our volunteers are engaging in gardening and some other fun activities with the adolescents.