Q. What is it that we do?

A. In one sentence: We help adolescents with mental health issues while creating awareness in the public to erase the stigma associated with it. Know more about our impact.


Q. Where are we based in?

A. Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Q. How can I find out more information about volunteering?

A. Thank you for your interest. Learn more about volunteering with Project Bloom.


Q. Can I donate money?

A. Yes, monetary donations are most welcome. You may use bank transfers to a recipient associated with Project Bloom. Account details are available here.


Q. Can I donate stationery, toys etc.?

A. Most certainly. These would be of good use to the children at the NIMH in Angoda. Please contact us to donate items.


Q. When was Project Bloom established?

A. August of 2017.


Q. Who runs Project Bloom?

A. A team of dedicated young people. We all have full-time work/education commitments and we come from diverse backgrounds; we are volunteers and are not salaried. Check out our team and see our impact. Project Bloom is registered as a company limited by guarantee and all donations go 100% towards the cause.


Q. I want to partner with Project Bloom, how can I do this?

A. We are always on the lookout for fruitful partnerships to further our cause. The first step is to contact us by filling this form.


Q. Is Project Bloom social?

A. Give us a follow to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and projects. 

Instagram: @projectbloomsl  

Facebook: Project Bloom


More Questions?

Please contact us by visiting the contact page.